Privacy Policy


Savyajewels business –  is an application provided by Savya Jewels Inc. Savyajewels respects and protects users’ personal privacy. Savyajewels identifies the importance of privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. Please put more attention to the bolded terms in this policy, which have a significant relationship with your rights and interests. Before using or continuing to use our products and services, please read carefully this policy. The Privacy Policy applies all former, current and future (till the next update) users to the mobile application and to the products and services of Savyajewels offered to its users. Users' access and use confirm that users agree to this privacy policy. Savyajewels herein referred to as “Savyajewelsbussiness”, “It”, “Us”, “our” and “Savyajewels”.


Only if the user is at the age of 18 can access the application of Savyajewels. If a user is unable legally to enter into a valid contract including accepting this policy, Savyajewels request not to use the application or the services. In case a user does so then it will be the user’s own legal responsibility. 

To give you an overview, this Privacy Policy is structured as follows:

1. How do Savyajewels Collect and Use Your Personal Information

2. How Savyajewels Use Cookies

3. Why Savyajewels Collect Your Personal Information

4. How Savyajewels Share, Transfer, and Publicly Disclose Your Personal Information

5. User Rights

6. Security measures

7. Minors

8. Contact Us

9. Changes to This Privacy Policy

1. How Savyajewels Collects Personal Information

The privacy of each user is important to Savyajewels and Savyajewels does not collect unnecessary data for proving the products and services to its users. 

Information including Name, address, Phone number and email address is required to be collected at the time of user login on the application.


Registration information, Account information, Activity information, and browsing information are collectively referred to as User Data. 

Savyajewels records users browsing and buying activities on applications but is not limited to IP addresses, browsing patterns, and user behavioral patterns. 

 When a user sends a rating via the application or provides us with an error report, Savyajewels will obtain the username, email address, location, and email content, so that we can communicate with you about problems encountered during the use of our products and services. Location is used to get the proper address of the user to identify the availability of our products and services in that particular location and provide the details to the delivery agent at the time of delivery.

Provide you with products and services:

Take pictures and record videos permission: When a user wants to take real pictures or videos, Savyajewels need permission to access the device camera. This permission is only for taking pictures and videos, Savyajewels will not obtain any video or photo from the user’s device. 

Device Location Permission: Savyajewels need permission to locate the devices of our users for ensuring the places from where our users are connecting with us and to deliver our services and products without any inaccuracy or delay at the time of delivery.

Record Audio Permission: When our users use their devices to record real video, we need a microphone or record audio permission. This permission is only used when Savyajeewels users record video with the camera of their devices.  

Access Photos, Media and Files/Storage permission: Savyajewels need permission to access your storage only when it needs to store some data for providing a better experience with the application to the users. We will not obtain any video or photos from your device, nor will we modify or delete the content in your local media storage.


Use of User Data

  • Verification of user identity

  • Processing user's log-in as a user, providing users with a log-in ID for the application and managing user’s registration.

  • Providing users with a rating facility 

  • Processing user's transactions on the application

  • Performing statistical analysis to improve Svayajewels product offering and content and layout of the application

  • Subject to applicable law, Savyajewels (including its affiliate companies and their service providers may use user’s name, number and address, email address) to provide notice, surveys, products alerts.


2. How We Use Cookies

Cookies are text files created on your device by the web server. In order to provide a better service, we may use related technologies to send one or more cookies to your device to collect and store information about the use of this product and service. The specific usage is as follows:

● Help you simplify the visit experience

Cookies can help you call up information during subsequent visits on the application, simplify the process of recording and filling in personal information, and allow you to have a more relaxed visit experience in Savyajewels.

● Personalized display

Fire-based SDK and One Signal SDK may collect information generated during the user’s activity of Savyajewels products and services, extract the user’s preferences, and use them to show notifications that are more in line with the user’s individual needs. We will use technical means to anonymize the data, and the anonymized information will not be able to identify the subject.

3. Why We Collect Your Personal Information

● In response to your request;

● In order to communicate with you;

● In order to improve our service;

● Other purposes related to our business;

● To comply with laws and regulations.

4. How We Share, Transfer, and Publicly Disclose Your Personal Information

● Share

We promise to keep your personal information confidential. Except for the scenarios stipulated in this policy, we only share your necessary information with third parties in the following situations:

1)Have obtained your explicit consent or authorization. Our application is uploading users' image information which the user uploaded in our application to URL for getting user images for valid authorization.

2)When it is required to be provided in response to instructions from state agencies, authority, or administrative or judicial requirements;

3)When achieving the purposes described in the section "How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information";

4)Share with advertising service and technical support partners.

In order to provide you with more complete and high-quality products and services, we may share some of your personal information with our partners. Please note that we will only share your personal information for legal, legitimate, necessary, specific and clear purposes. At the same time, we require third parties to deal with shared information with confidentiality and security measures no less than those required by this policy. Once we discover any violation of dealing with the personal information, we will terminate the partnership immediately and pursue legal responsibility.

Directory of third-party SDKs that may be accessed



Types of information collected


Firebase SDK

Data statistical analysis service

Application software list

One signal SDK

Get a notification

Unique device identification code (One signal ID)


● Transfer

Except for the requirements of laws and regulations, mandatory administrative law enforcement, and judicial or regulatory requirements, we will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual.

● Publicly disclose

We only disclose your personal information in the following situations:

1)According to the user’s needs, disclose your designated personal information in a disclosure method that the user explicitly agrees to;

2)According to the requirements of laws, regulations, mandatory administrative law enforcement, judicial or regulatory agencies, where it is necessary to provide your personal information, we may publicly disclose your personal information based on the type of personal information requested and the method of disclosure.

5. Your Rights

Under applicable laws of your jurisdiction, you may have one or more of the rights to your personal information. These rights may include (if relevant): 

1)Provide you with information we collect about you;

2) may revoke any permissions you have granted to us before, such as permission to access your camera or camera roll;


You can exercise your rights above by emailing us at or you may do it by yourself through our App services or the setting on your mobile device. 

6. Security Measure

● We will work hard to provide protection for users' information security to prevent information loss, improper use, unauthorized access, or disclosure.

● Users have to understand there is no "perfect security measure" on the Internet. We will provide corresponding security measures to protect your information according to existing technology and provide reasonable security guarantees. We prevent user’s information from being leaked, damaged, or lost

7. Minors

  Savyajewels mainly provides its products and services to people over 13 years old (or the prescribed age in your country/region). If you are the guardian of a child user under the age of 13 (or the prescribed age in your country/region), we remind you to properly perform guardianship duties to protect the safety of children's personal information. In addition, please guide and help the children under your supervision during the use of our products and services. If a minor provides any personal details in our application without parental consent, the parent should contact the SavyajewelsbusinessLegal department at the address set out in clause 9 below to remove the personal information.

8. Contact Us

  If a user has any suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to Users can also give us a rating which will appear automatically on the user’s display after the delivery of the product. 


9. Changes to This Privacy Policy

  According to Savyajewelsbussiness's operational needs or the promulgation of relevant laws and regulations, we need to update or revise our privacy policy occasionally. These updates will also form part of this policy and have the same effect as this policy. When there are major changes to the terms of this policy, for example, changes in the purpose, method, and scope of personal information collection, we will remind you by means of pop-up notifications so that you can keep abreast of any changes made to this policy. Please note that your use or continued use of the products and services we provide means that you fully understand and agree to the entire content of this privacy policy (including updated versions).